Stitch with the German Embroiderer’s Guild
-That’s more than needle up and needle down

This is the dance of the needle with the thread. Passion and fire.

An explosion of colors and dreams in pastel.

Deceleration and immersion in a world of your own.

Pure sensual pleasure!

Take the thread and follow us!

That very special ARTisanship

… counting, trapping, blasting, cutting, sewing, laying, crossing, wrapping
Creating, devouring, underlaying, pulling, towering, wiring, clamping, wrapping,…

… chenille needle, curved needle, embroidery needle, tapestry needle, Couronne,
Stiletto, Mellor, pliers, nails…

… tingling, laminating, compensating, shading, mounting,
Tensioning, steaming, edgeing, trimming…

… that sounds exciting? – It is! And much more
Just come along!

a guild gets alive through its members

needlework meetings-workshops-continuing education-training

stitching together – Information

Regional exhibitions – International meetings

Above all: bring a beautiful craft into visibility!

In Germany and Switzerland we already have some lively meeting places where our members can offer you a lot!