Textile Events

Cross Stitch Festival Kutzenhausen (Alsace)

A great event spread over 11 municipalities in northern Alsace. And you know, in Alsace you can not only experience old craftsmanship, but also excellent gastro delights… Kutzenhausen is no exception to this.

Tarja will represent the Embroiderer’s Guild at this event, supported by Elke, who also presents her own cross stitch kits and charts.

Excerpt from the program

  • Embroidery on the theme “The Kitchen In All Its Facets” can be seen at all corners and ends of the farm museum “La Maison Rurale de Outre-Forêt” , which is dedicated as a cultural heritage site to folk arts and traditions.
  • In addition to the action Ideas for Stitching 2018 “Broder ‘ idée 2018” embroidered aprons that are adorned with the French poem “The apron of My Grandmother” are exhibited, as well as several notabletablecloths.
  • The exhibition of Afghan embroidery under the motto “A Round Rhing” stands alongside various pieces from the collections of the association AMROF, which were put together to present the apron as protective clothing.
  • Admire the original works by Evelyne Boudot, with the artist’s name Une chic fille, and pieces from the competitions “Frivolity of Forms” and “Ebroider for Peace” of the German Embroiderer’s Guild.
  • The exhibition “Fasts” will make you hungry.

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Motif for the Angel of Peace 2018

Encouragement to join Peace Angel 2018

Embroidery is a peaceful activity that is practised worldwide. With our peace embroidery, we again set a mark against the many wars and oppressions in this world. I invite you to do that.

For the fourth time, with my atelier I am now involved in an embroidery action by the Swiss group , Mrs. Ingrid Eggimann – Jonsson for peace. The motif of Ingrid is an angel of peace this year.

Depending on your mood, a variant can be chosen, combined or alienated.

You are also welcome to embroider in the studio Farbtexte by Britta Firedmann. Stitchers for Peace don’t have to pay a studio fee. You can purchase material at a unique price of €10. Of course, everyone else can also stitch. The more we are, the better!

The size of the fabric: maximum 36×33 cm lined. Material and technique is chosen by you The finished work should have a suspension so that it can go wandering through many shows in the year to come.

Downloadable motif (can be enlarged or reduced)

Last deadline: 01.11.18 (personal or by post)

Exhibition: November 10 — December 31, 2018

Opening: 10. + 11 November 2018 at 14-18 pm

After that, the exhibits will go back on tour with your permission and can be presented at shows and trade fairs via the German Embroiderer’s Guild. We also ask for your consent to use the images in digital and written form in our publications. The best advertisement for next year! Of course always with copyright notice!


Studio Farbtexte
Britta Friedmann
Darmstädter Straße 22
64572 Büttelborn
Business Phone: 06152-8593562

Opening hours

Tuesdays 14:30-16:30 pm
Wednesday 15.30-5pm
Saturdays 10-12 hrs

The Angels of Peace in Switzerland

The exhibition of the Angels of Peace in Switzerland takes place from 2 – 14 December 2018: Peace Embroidery 2018 at Zürcher Sanders AG, Gewerbestr. 9, CH-3421 Lyssach (you can still participate at any time and send your embroidered angel until the 23rd of November 2018. Welcome!)

Exhibition Mustertuecher Vierlande

Open-air museum Rieck Haus Hamburg

until 31.10.2018

Ausgezählt! Motifs from the Vierlande

Info: Tel.: 040 – 723 12 23



When needles tango with threads

20 years of German Embroiderer’s Guild
20 years of training classes at the International School for Textile Arts

We will celebrate these two great anniversaries from 25 May to 16 June 2019 with a large exhibition at the Europa Haus in Freyung.

Works will be issued by members of the German Embroiderer’s Guild and Students/Graduates of the International School for Textile Arts.

It will be a special treat again, remember the date!

A journey through textile past and present

Around the exhibition in Freyung, ISTAorganizes a tour to special places, this time in the Bavarian and Bohemian Forest.

program history in short form

Monday ride with a state-of-the-art coach from Frankfurt to Freyung with “sweet stopover” at the Seidl confectionery in Laaber. The next day we go to the Melk Abbey in Austria, on Wednesday to the textile centre in Haslach and Czech Krumlov. On Thursdays we get to know Prague and on Friday Passau, then we relax on a Danube trip.

The exhibition is opened on Saturdays, and workshops are held on Saturday and Sunday. Alternative program for Non-Embroiderers is a tour through the National Park of the Bavarian Forest on Sunday. On Monday it’s back to Frankfurt.

A really great schedule with lots of highlights. Here you will find the details of the trip and the registration form. We are looking forward to 8 beautiful days with you!